Sony ZV-E10 vs a6000 – Which Camera Should you Buy?

The Sony a6000 and Sony ZV-E10 are two hugely popular cameras, great for content creators, but which in 2023 should you buy?

In this video, we’ll compare The a6000 to the sony ZV-E10 so find out which you should buy, or whether you should upgrade.

So both of these cameras I own, a6000 came out in 2014, and I’ve had one since 2019. The ZV-E10 has been for around a year, released in 2021. So it’s a question of old versus new, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider the a6000.

I’ve picked these 2 cameras as they are similar in many ways and both suit video creators that want a compact camera with interchangeable lenses.

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Let’s look at a side-by-side comparison of the features and specs of both cameras –


Both use a 24MegaPixel – APS-C CMOS Sensor, which is a little surprising seeing as how much newer one camera is to the other, but this means they are both capable are a fairly similar image.

Sony E Mount lens mount system, which has a huge range of lenses now whether that be zoom lenses, fixed focal length, or macro there are a lot of options making these cameras very versatile.

Built-in Wireless for transferring your images to your phone easily making sharing them online very simple.

And the size and weight of these cameras are very similar with the a6000 just one gram heavier at 344g vs 343g of the ZV-E10.

But let’s look now at some of the major feature differences 

Gyroscopic StabilizationYes vs NoStabilize video in post process
Video Record LimitUnlimited vs LimitedRecord clips longer than 30 minutes
In-built Image StabilizationDigital only vs NoneSharper images at longer focal lengths and slow shutter speeds
Touch ScreenYes vs NoEasy control of camera functions
Max ISO32.000 vs 25.60025% higher Max ISO
Number of Focus Points425 vs 179246 more focus points
Battery Life440 shots vs 360 shots80 more frames with a single charge
Weight343 g vs 344 g1 g lighter
Microphone PortYes vs NoHigh quality audio recording option
Headphone PortYes vs Nobetter video control
Timelapse RecordingYes vs With optional appcreative shooting
Max Video Resolution3840 x 1920 vs 1920 x 1080Higher Resolution Video
Selfie & Vlogger LCDYes vs NoRotate LCD for taking Selfies
BluetoothYes vs NoConnect your camera to other devices via Blueetooth
Digital video stabilizationYes vs NoStabilizes your videos in-camera
Animal Eye AF TrackingYes vs NoEasily lock and track focus on animals
Webcam FunctionYes vs NoUse your camera as a Webcam
Eye Tracking FocusYes vs NoAutofocus system locks on the eye and tracks the subject

Gyroscopic Stabilization on ZV-E10 allows you to fix shaky footage in editing by using Gyroscopic metadata to fix shakiness in your shots, this will punch into your shots so you need to be shooting in as wide angle as possible to get the best results from this. But this is a big advantage over the a60000 which as no stabilization.

An advance the a6000 has over the ZV- E10 is that it has an EVF with 1440k dot Electronic viewfinder whereas the ZV-E10 doesn’t have one at all, meaning you rely on the screen for composing your shots.

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So from using both of these cameras for a lot of videos and photography I personally prefer the a6000 still for photography and that’s mainly for the EVF, it makes composing your shots so much easier. The lack of 4k video isn’t an issue for photography. And while the better autofocus system and picture profiles would be nice, you can still get very good results with the a6000.

a6000 Example

Of course, for video the ZV-E10 blows the a6000 out of the water, the 4k video, better autofocus, gyroscopic stabilization, microphone port, front-facing screen… There are a LOT of newer features that make the ZV-E10 standout, especially for video creators. It has become my main camera for all of my videos and is the camera I’m using for this video and most of my videos over the last year.

Which should you buy?

So the big question is price and the difference isn’t as much as you’d expect. The a6000 costs around $650 and the ZV-E10 is $800, both with the 16-50 kit lens included. This means, for me, if you can stretch to the extra $150 then I’d definitely go for the ZV-E10.

But if you’re on a strict budget, or if you already have the a6000 and are thinking of upgrading, then I’d probably stick with what you’ve got, as the sensor is the same, a lot of the time, your results will be similar. Especially if you’re not bothered about 4k video.

Do you have either of these cameras, let me know!

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